I-Scream Memoirs

Ice creams are one of man-kind’s best ever inventions. Delicious, creamy and a  never sating taste that lingers forever.  We recently introduced this delicacy to Pogo and of course it was an instant hit.

One hot summer afternoon, whilst walking down a busy lane, we saw a small ice-cream parlor. We excitedly bought one scoop for each one of us. As we greedily gobbled up the ice cream, a few drops trickled down Pogo’s hands. A stickler for clean hands, (not sure where he get this from..!!) Pogo wriggled about in his position.

Now, there are two aspects of this story that we need to get clear.

  • No matter how many scoops of ice creams you eat, there is always room for a little more.
  • Table manners are reserved for tables.

GK who was carrying Pogo had already gobbled up his ice cream cone. I, on the other hand, have forever been a slow eater.With an intent to help his struggling child, GK wiped Pogo’s hands with a towel. It was then that he noticed, a few drops of ice cream were precariously hanging on the side of Pogo’s ice cream cone.

As a voracious desire to gobble up the dripping ice cream over came his sensibilities, GK licked the side of the cone. And out came a screeching wail. Pogo was furious that his share of the ice cream had diminished (by an insignificant amount, but that’s a whole different discussion..!).

Throwing a whole different level of tantrum (unforeseen in the history of Pogo-hood). Pogo put his foot down and demanded this injustice to be sated immediately. And boy did he get his justice. We walked back half a kilometer just to buy him a new ice cream cone and ensured that we stood a good ten feet away whilst he enjoyed his ice cream.

Parenting 101: Sharing is caring only when you are done eating ice cream.




Wandering Eyes

SIGH..! Long gone are the days when I was the sole beauty of his eyes. Now, all I have is an ocean of love and a basket full of trinkets that I lovingly touch as I sigh in memory of basking in his love.

Nah, I am not talking about the hubby here, its all about Pogo. Little boys grow into little men very fast. Not too long ago, Pogo ran to a trinket shop in his little shoes trying to buy a beautiful necklace for his one and only mum. (Read here).

But on this heart-breaking day, whilst visiting a carnival, Pogo ran towards another trinket shop. (Filled with love and excitement), GK and I followed Pogo into the trinket shop. (With an unexplained glee sparkling in my eye), I looked around to add to my love basket.

At the most expensive section, stood Pogo. As we approached, we noticed that Pogo had picked quiet a few necklaces and placed them in the basket. When asked, pat came an exuberant response. “these necklaces are for my friends, Dee, Ann, Ani, and..” and as he went, my little heart plummeted into the deep world of sorrow. (Shamelessly grappling to my diminishing hope) I asked, “Which one have you chosen for mom, my baby?” He blinked. Picked a random one from the rack and handed it over to me saying, you can pick any mummy. Sigh..! My little boy was so grown up that he began to decide gifts for other gals…!! Sob Sob Sob..!!

Parenting 101: Bask while the sun shines.!

Musical Chairs

This weekend, Pogo had a play date with his classmates at baby D’s. All weekend, we laughed and jumped in anticipation.

On the D-day, as we reached our destination.. Pogo ran to baby D’s mother and handed over a bag of apples. (buttering up for a great evening…!)

He ran into the home and played with the kids. One of the many games that was organized was musical chairs.

We taught the kids the rule of the game – to run around the chairs while the music played and sit down once the music stopped.

We began. Music played and all mothers encouraged their child to run around the chairs. After the music stopped, Pogo was lost in the game and was still running the laps.

So, I excitedly encouraged him saying “Pogo, come on, find a seat and sit down” Encouraged by the new instructions, Pogo took a leap towards the nearest sofa and settled comfortably onto the cushions…!

Parenting 101: Instructions maybe followed but outcome not guaranteed..!!


Gone are the days when Pogo threw a tantrum when we left for office. Our usual routine is to inform Pogo about our departure, brace ourseves for a tantrum, seek an opening and rush out.

One morning, Gk was ready to leave for office. He had just informed Pogo that he was ready to leave.

Pogo coolly looked up from his work, said, “please wait appa. ” and walked into the other room. Not sure if he should make a run for the door or actually wait, Gk stood rooted.

Pogo walked in holding a pen, handed it over to Gk and said, “Happy working appa, you need pen for

office.”We were stunned and moved by his guesture.

Sometimes, kids grow up even before we realise that they have. Pogo’s guesture made our day.

Parenting 101: small things go a long way.

From Pogo with love

On one of our many temple visits, Pogo was unusually restless. Every few minutes, he would leave us to run away into another section of the temple. We would rush to catch him and drag him back.

Exhausted, we finally let him go whilst following him. (Truthfully, he ran too fast for our tired legs to cope) Pogo ran straight to the local trinket shop.

There, he selected a few beaded necklaces and handed them over to the shopkeeper saying “please bill it for amma”

PARENTING 101: Love knows no bounds..!

How was your day? 

Since Pogo joined his school..  There has been a considerable improvement in his speech. 

During evening tea time,  we sit down to discuss our day.  Pogo was narrating his day at school. He had spent his day playing with toys and coloring books. One of his friends apparently wanted to borrow pogo’s toy.  (like any good mystery novel,  the story abruptly ended there.)

So what did you tell him. (I encouraged) 

In all earnesty (that only a child can garner)  Pogo looked at me and said “I told him ‘Mary had a little lamb'”

Parenting 101: A good laugh is hidden in every conversation