Beauty of Motherhood

My son is 20 months old. That’s how long I have gone without some decent sleep.  After a long tiring day at work and cooking cleaning at home, all I want to do is stretch my legs and SLEEP..!!

But a mom’s day never ends so easily. You have a super active toddler who does NOT want to sleep. So you take the best advise available (from clueless FaceBook friends..!!!)

(taking Baba Babydev’s advise – Visualize to Factualize) You visualize a ideal set-up and vroom up the reserve mode. After a mini-WWF styled struggle, you tuck the toddler into bed. With his eyes still wide open, he smiles at you coyly and begs you to let him out (Extremely hard to resist the puppy dog eyes..!)

You put up a stern face and sing a (out of tune) lullaby (that would wake even donkeys)-MISSION FAILED.. Doesn’t put the baby to sleep.

You gear up again and dance to Eh-ah-Eh-ah-Yooo (Not the donkey… the Rhyme) – Enthuses the toddler to jump in the bed.

Frustrated. BABY..!!! with tears in your eyes, what do I do to make you sleep??!!!??? The toddler runs to you and kisses. (Now Melting) “What say if mommie and you sleep off together like cuddly duddlies?” Both of you hit the bed, you wrap your hands firmly around a fighting baby and …………………………………………

SNORE..!! SNORE….!!….SNORE….!!! Ofcourse, you get a free tummy tucking bumps (while you enjoy the rejuvenating experience)  for a few hours before your toddler decides he is too tired to continue and falls asleep.

When the world tells you that motherhood is a beautiful emotion; Wake Up (Ushaar..!!) they are lying. The grass is always greener on the other side.

That’s not at all how motherhood feels with each passing moment. You jump from the frying pan to the fire at the same time handle the house, your (clueless) hubby, your boss and your little angel. You feel like plucking your hair out and yelling but you CANT.  Its Gods favorite slapstick show and he (Yup, note that it’s a “HE” here) plays this on all women.



Source:, A sleeping angel


All said, the memory of the moment that just passed by, is beautiful. My son is already 20 months old. He makes me want to cry, scream and run out of the house like a mad woman. But, when I reminiscence about the cute cuddly little angel that just fell asleep near me, all I feel is love.

And that’s why motherhood is a beautiful feeling.


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