The Wrestling Champion

When my son wants something that I don’t want him to do, (say for example.. run around in circles on the bed, handle a really sharp knife, run head-down into the wall…) he religiously follows a sequence to ensure that I let him get his way (or atleast understand his displeasure)

<<Those with heart symptoms are advised not to read.. :-p>>

These activities may last between a few minutes to atleast an hour. Here’s how he gets his way..


Source:; Angry Joe

  • Kicking and twirling into positions that make it difficult to carry him
  • Kicks you in places you don’t want to discuss.
  • Screaming into your ear when you carry him away from his play
  • Yanking your hair (or whatever is left of) to let you know his displeasure
  • Landing tight slaps anywhere on your face.
  • Biting your shoulder
  • Squeezing your tits with all the force he can garner (most accessible part and most sensitive too)
  • Oscillating head (moves head fast in multiple direction) usually accompanied by shrieks
  • (When you let go) Rolls on the floor crying

At the end, an exhausted me lets him climb down and do the one thing I can. I ignore the loud cries and look the other side. (When ignored) In turn,  my baby turns off in a huff, faces the other side and moves on to another game.

But alas! the world is round and we start again…!!


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