Mommy is mine.!

I have recently got back to work after spending 2 wonderful years with my son. So I guess he misses me a lot during the day.

This Sunday morning, it was my turn to throw the garbage. As I was returning to the door, I met my neighbour and was having a friendly chat.

On the other side, my son came running to me. I told him “mummy is just talking to uncle (pointing at my neighbour)” My son peeped at my neighbour from our threshold, gave him a million dollar smile, tucked at my dress and pulled me into the house as he closed the door behind me.

He did not stop till he dragged me all the way to his room, sat down and pointed at his toys. Silently indicating – “”When you have committed to play time, you don’t have the option of doing anything else mommie.!””

When action is more powerful than words, nothing but tears roll out. I just loved the moment and wish to preserve it for life..!


2 thoughts on “Mommy is mine.!

  1. This is the cutest!

    Whenever I am playing with my friends children, or the new baby in our group my daughter comes over and will sit on my lap, or tap my arm and look at me like … Mummy I am your baby not these!!! It gets me every time xx

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