Hush little baby hush

As a new parent, the few minutes when your baby sleeps is your moment of salvation. Especially after going sleepless for many nights in a row, the few minutes of silence seem like bliss. What proceeds these moments of bliss however, is another story altogether.

Lulling a baby to sleep is a god given gift. This miraculous ability to sing a soft lullaby that slowly but surely send the baby into a beautiful dream filled sleep is an art. Maybe we should have pre-natal sessions where they train us to sing a lullaby.

About 3 months after my little bundle was born, our parents thought we had enough knowledge to take care of the kid and left us to fend for ourselves. Paranoid first time parents that we were, we slowly hushed the baby to sleep. In India, parents sleep in with the kids. After tip-toeing around the house to clean up, we decided we could safely get into bed.

Exhaustion had taken its toll and we were sound asleep the minute we hit the bed. A few minutes later, the baby started to babble in sleep. My husband, who was half asleep was however, roused by the noise. He didn’t want to wake me (for the fear of waking the monster mom-ster!!) and sang to the baby.

Waaahhhh..!!! the scared baby screamed its heart out on hearing my husband..!!

Lesson 101: When even donkeys can’t stand you voice, don’t lull a baby..!

PS: The mom-ster did wake with the crying and beat the crap off the donkey for not doing his job 🙂


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