Picture Perfect

Movies, advertisements facebook, instagram and what not have mutated our minds to think of the perfect home as one that’s spotless, picture perfect, like straight out a K-Jo Movie (the only planet where even the streets of Chadni Chowk are clean..!) well, maybe they are.

My days are a blur. I can’t even remember how my son grew up to be 2. The days just flew by. Yes, there are some adorable memories, but most of the days are a haze. I wake, cook, clean up my baby and run to office while packing off my little one and husband.

When I do come home and stretch my legs, I don’t care if the pillows are strewn across the living room and that there is a coffee spot that I missed to clean.

Some bluntly say that memories can be made in a clean environment too. True. But who creates this clean environment? I am not talking about unclean, dangerous and unhygienic environments. The environment just looks messy. The toys are not in place, the news paper is not neatly folded away,(if you dare to) opening my cupboard is a dangerous task.

I am not a perfect wife who cleans the house all day. I know life would be easier if we put things in order. I do try to live upto these standards by cleaning up often. Well, as often as possible. But when your husband is as messy as a two year old and you are too lazy to pick up after both, you end up living in a pig sty.

I convince myself to say, all that matters is that I giggle, play and roll on the floor with my baby. We all laugh and have fun and make memories.

But once you turn blind to the mess around and blend into the laughter, life in the pig sty is just…. PICTURE PERFECT

Lesson 101: Don’t criticize my mess unless you wish to become a part of it.


2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

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