The Working Mother

In an era when women are equal to men, where we study, we work, we travel and live as equals; its funny how our priorities change with the arrival of our little bundles.

After working for about 4 years, I quit my job to upon birth of my son. This is a decision that most women would side with while thinking of the amount of dedication needed to care for our little one and recoup our health. The first few days were difficult. I didn’t know who to turn to for help or what to do with a wailing baby. My equally flabbergasted husband was lost, confused and starving.

After about a year and half of struggling to find my footing with baby care, I was still lost. Everything I did was based on trial and error. When my son was a year and half old, we decided, that maybe just maybe I could get back to work.

In a recent movie, (36 Vayadinile) when the mother points to the child that she left her ambitions behind in order to care for the child, the child rebuts her saying “Don’t portray your lack of ambitions on me” This dialogue between the child and her mother moved me.

The decision came with its round of questions and puzzles. Was my kid old enough to be left to tender on his own. (No, for a mother, a child is never too old to take care of himself). My family and relatives (extended family) were skeptical of the decision. Who would care for the kid while I was working. (well, schools I guess). Some of these harsh decisions make us look like monsters that don’t care for the baby. No. We are not monsters.

We have a choice. Whether we wish to stay at home or go back and achieve the heights that we dream about. Our child sees us the way we portray ourselves. Work at home mothers are as strong, confident and supportive as working mothers. End of the day, we all love our kids and do everything we do for them.

Lesson 101: Life is a story of the choices we make.Write your own stories


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