The Other baby at home

When the world learns that you are expecting a child, a million people across the world give you useful and many times useless advice on parenting. There is however one important information that you never hear.

You would have more than one kid at home. (nah, I am not talking about multiples here!) This other kid will be MORE demanding, throws MORE tantrums, is MORE irritating and is so much MORE messy. And in almost all cases, (unfortunately) you would be married to him.

Inspired by movies and ads, when you walk into your home with your baby, you expect a warm welcome by your husband to a clean and cozy home. Unfortunately, the house would be in shreds, food packets strewn across the room (what? he says, I got hungry okay!) a big pile of utensils waiting to be cleaned and your cozy bed looks like the Kung Fu panda just had fought on it.

Every time my husband uses a fresh towel, it automatically and magically lands in the living room on the sofa. Pure Magic. In a day, I end up with around 5-6 dirty towels on my living room sofa magically. Note, he has nothing to do with it. On (rare) occasions that I clean my house, I find half empty sachets of chips lying below my sofa (on which my husband usually hibernates when at home). Again, he has nothing to do with these. Magic again. Right, cleanliness is not our strong suit. (Here). Moving on.

Let’s go to parenthood. The beautiful journey of two people nurturing a new life to support the society. Really? Honest to god! It is always one person who does the job while the other sneaks a glance at you during commercials to comment on your parenting style!! (Grrr..!!)

Teaching manners to your kiddo is an all different ball game. I sit down with my boy and list him the rules and disciples while my better-half runs around (oft breaking many of the rules I have just listed) When I move out of the room, he sneaks upto my kiddo and says “I haven’t ever done any of those things and see how I turned out!” with a grin. All I can do is think “Yeah! See how you turned out!” sigh!

Lesson 101: Men never grow up. Period!


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