Nemo Found!

Paranoia is an integral part of motherhood. However, date nights make the ever-so-hectic life a little bit manageable. So when under a sudden change of circumstances, I found myself taking my baby (2 years) to a movie, I was extremely fanatical.

I love animation movies and have always loved them. After a certain age, I even offered to take my neighbors kids to animation movies so I didn’t seem like the big fish in a small tank. (Of course I didn’t care about that when the lights went out) However, taking your kid to a movie is much different.

I have always rolled my eyes when a kid starts crying right at the middle of the movie. Kids always think of embarrassing and weird questions, snigger and giggle and everything else at wrong moments. Today, it was my kid in that position. My head was working overtime thinking
of everything I can do to avoid this.

My husband put his foot down and said “With or without the baby, we would be going to the movie” So, I just lugged along with a long face. We had decided to eat dinner at a restaurant and watch the last show of “Finding Dory” (Psstt, hoping that my son would fall asleep)

I was so nervous that I spent most of my time staring at my son than at the screen. doryHowever, from the minute we entered the movie hall to the time we left, to my utter surprise, my son was extremely excited. He laughed at the right places and enjoyed the movie thoroughly. He loved his popcorn and milkshake and sat in his seat all through the movie.

It was almost midnight when we left the movie hall and the smile on Pogo’s face was worth a million dollars. I had found my partner in crime, my little Nemo was, from now on ready for movies and he loved it as much as I.

P.S. I am not advocating taking kids to movies or increasing screen time. But when you do take your kid to a movie, enjoy it.

Lesson 101: Kids are a chip off the old block and are always ready to surprise you.


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