Smarter than thou

Getting a toddler to eat is more difficult than moving mountains. (You are right, I don’t know how difficult it is to move mountains, but hey! I am sure it’s more difficult to make a toddler eat..!)

One of the many different tricks that I follow to make my son eat was to sit him up in his high chair and act as if I was eating his food. ( mommie opens her mouth and aahh yummm eats the food) This trick has always been my last resort before I turn to the ever useful mouth opener – the television.

Today, after my fifth story, and nth dance ritual and singing (read braying) I finally picked his spoon and said “Oh, Pogo’s meal seems delicious; mummy is going to open her mouth and aahhh yummm” as I enacted the eating process.

And Action..!

My son smiled, grabbed the spoon from my hands and opened his mouth.

(In my mind, I was doing my Happy Dance, excited that finally the hour long ordeal to get him to take his first bite of lunch is coming to an end)

He replicated my exact actions saying “Amma, pogo aaahhh, yummm delicious food” and didn’t allow even a morsel of food to touch his lips through the entire act!

Me: Stop dancing you nut-job he didn’t eat! sniff sob sob!!

Parenting 101: Your kid has always known your tricks!


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