The Jealous Mum

I love my kid.. to the world’s end… and then I love him a little bit more. This is what mothers are supposed to do. In return, all we want is for our little ones to stay that way FOREVER! to love us back.

In India, when we see a baby, we cuddle it and shower it with kisses. However, God had other plans for me. My kid was a born wriggler. He was conscious of his personal space from when he was a day old. Once he had done his sucking duties, my job was to lay him down and drool over him from afar. If I dared to so much as poochi-poo his torso, he would wriggle and cry. He was adamant. I am his mother! XOXO

He is now around 26 months old and has come to realize the pleasures of a warm cuddle and snuggle. (wink wink – finally succeeded). For the last few weeks, he followed me around all around the house calling me by name “Manachi” throwing kisses my way and teasing me to catch him and wrap him into a pool of kisses and cuddles. This was our little game. As you can imagine, after a wait for TWO very long years.. I loved every moment of it.

Today however, he has learnt a new name, “GK” (my husband and current rival). Being a weekend, my husband has been home all day and got to spend some quality time with MY kid. With just a weekend of fun and play, my son has been cajoled to walk around the house calling out GK demanding cuddles and kissed. He didn’t for once come to cuddle me…!!

I am brewing and steaming here waiting for my cuddle…!! damn my stars..!!

Lesson 101: the heart is fickle, beware. sob and sniff..!


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