and…… its a SUSPENSE

The journey of pregnancy is beautiful. We are excited and exhausted at the same time. In India, it is illegal to identify the gender of the child prior to its birth. So the curiosity of knowing the gender is much higher with old aunts predicting based on how your leg swells or how curved your baby-bump is.

During my monthly visits to my gynecologist (whom I had known for quiet a few days prior to my pregnancy) oft indicated that the baby would be “JUST LIKE ME”. For me, this was a loud and clear indication that the baby was going to be born a GIRL. Right? Isn’t that what you would interpret?  So it was decided. I started to live in my dream with my daughter – I even picked out a name.

A girl baby! I was so excited at the prospect of buying adorable tutu frocks and traditional Indian Pavadai. Everytime we visited a baby shop, I would drool around at the complete floor filled with adorable clothes and tiny accessories that I could doll up my daughter with. It was like walking through a fairy tale.

On my delivery table, (I had a C-Sec), my baby was born (As easy as opening a bag and picking the baby out.! and I had freaked about it..! huh?) As soon as the baby was born, my excited gynec asked me with a smile “Did you expect a boy or girl” (Stop joking with me, the baby is born, just show my doll to me..) The nurse had taken the baby for cleaning.

I was my (super) confident self. I had known it was a girl for long..! (wink wink) So I said “I ofcourse want a girl. Girl babies are so adorable and shopping for them is so much fun..!” My audience was SILENT – this should have been my cue to find out what was wrong.. I have always been dim-witted when it came to reading signals and I was under the influence of anesthesia and other pain killers – the dim-witted-ness factor multiplied. So I continued my little speech “Girls are so loving to their mothers and so caring. Boy (Huff)! Boys are okay I guess, boys are always naughty and difficult to handle. Shopping for boys is such a task.!”


By now, the nurse had cleaned my baby and brought it back. No one moved in the theater (probably not knowing how I would react to my child). The nurse slowly brought the wailing baby to me and unwrapped its towel. (too shocked to declare his gender)

and it was a BOY..!

I just snuggled with my baby and laid back – fell into a deep slumber.. Even today when I think back, I laugh at the reaction of my audience. When the baby was born, could they not have yelled – “Its a boy” and be done with the celebration instead of having this awkward moment?

Lesson 101: When someone is drugged (Semi-Conscious) just give them answers!


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