My Knight in Shining Armor

One thing we definitely tick-off our everyday list is exhaustion. By the time we hit the bed, mothers are exhausted beyond words.

On one evening, I had won an anything you want bet with my husband. (Yippie) and I demanded a spa service from him. (Romantic huh?… wink wink) – Not really.. I was exhausted and wanted someone to massage my legs lest they fail to hold me.

Pogo was deeply involved in his drawings and we snatched at the opportunity. I sat down on the sofa legs stretched out as my husband sat down to do his job. As he was busy massaging my legs, out came my knight in shining armor screaming “ammaaa..” as he ran to my husband, hands raised and slapped him across the hand. He continued to do so till until my husband decided that he had got beaten enough and let go of my legs.

Then, my baby hugged me and kept repeating “amma no, amma no.. go.. GOoooo” (Indicating that my husband had no right to hurt me..) My flabbergast husband just looked and walked away as I hugged and kissed my baby. Though I lost my massage, I had realized the love of my baby.

Lesson 101: All exhaustion is worth the love.


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