Vampire Diaries : Episode 1

We have recently relocated to a new neighborhood. Settling down in a new place is a task on its own and having to do it with a toddler supporting your every move is even more demanding. Add to this a new, uncalled for, unexpected and UNWELCOME visitor. This guy had the audacity to visit us not once but four times!

Does he not understand when I scream and shoo him off?

Nah! I don’t usually give a cold shoulder to all, but this special visitor had me shivering.

In my bachelorette days, had I encountered this unusual visitor, I would have packed my bags and bid goodbye to the entire neighborhood. Yes, we have the privilege of hosting Mr.Vampire himself, of course in his bird form.

Now, the first time, it was just pogo and I, we were returning from the grocery store.When we entered, we saw him flying merrily in the living room, we were blown off out wits bats(Read  – I, while Pogo was merrily trying to catch the flying thing), screamed our lungs out and ran out again. When we entered after a few hours, M.Vampire was gone.
The second and third visits were similar, we were out of the house, Mr. Vampire would visit, enjoy his alone time at home and disappear when we (read I again) scream.

I did what all smart people do about bats entering their home – I googled. And the results terrified me. I was on the verge of vacating this recently settled home just because of my winged visitor. (thought of all the packing and unpacking to be done AGAIN) So we complained to the society, sprayed pesticides around the house and said “May God bless and protect us”

Episode 2 Continued here

Lesson 101: Google: Makes mountain out of molehills – or does it?


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