Vampire Diaries : Episode 2

Read Episode 1 here

The fourth time, Mr. Vampire joined us when we were sleeping at night.

A BAT, in MY BEDROOM at NIGHT? This was enough to scare the day lights out of me (pun intended ) but beside me was my little pogo.

I had identified him by the night light. How could a bat enter a closed, air-conditioned room? First, I was convinced I was dreaming, so I decided to turn the lights on, and there he was flying right beside the fan.

Muffling a scream, I slowly crawled out of bed, turned the fan off, (lest the beast get hit and fall right on me or worse on pogo– yew!!). Slowly pulled pogo off the bed and Bam he fell awake crying.

The knight I had married was snoring to glory as usual refusing to wake to my muffled requests and pogo’s screams (he later told me that he thought this was like any other night and didn’t want to take the baby duty on. Grr!! punishment awaits you traitor..!!)  I threw pogo’s night book on him, waking him up angry and shocked at the same time. I pointed to the indecent visitor and BAM.! he shot out of the room!

I ran after him with pogo in my arms and chaos in heart. We had shut Mr.Vampire behind in our room. Now, I would expect my hero to save me from the current crisis and go shoo the bird. But now I had not one but two wailing babies in hand! (Huff.. so much for fairy tales.!)d25601b79a76a10f9845bcf6f9fa3837

I was angry (@##%$@#@%$*&^&). You nasty bird, do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a toddler to bed? Damn You! The super women in me woke and with a cheering audience (read – a wailing two year old and a sleepy husband) backing me; armed with a newspaper, I went into the room

I was scared, the last thing I expect from my supportive crowd is advice on how to shoo the bird. Really! When you don’t have the courage to enter the room, I would best appreciate if you could shut your views about how I get the job done. But no, husbands have this weird wiring in their brains that forces them to guide on matter they have no idea about. (Like – breath, you are under labor pain – really? you $#%$#)

So after a few acrobatic moves and jumps and screams later, I had successfully scared our visitor out of the house.

Lesson 101: Motherhood conquers all. Bat woman in the making


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