Golkonda fort, Hyderabad

An architectural marvel. This place is a must see for all those who visit the capital of Telengana state.

Its been quiet some time since I have visited a monument of historical importance. The fort, its structural setup, its history and the overall experience made it wonderful.

The history of the fort is available Here.

DID YOU KNOW: The fort holds many architectural wonders that daze its viewers even today.

  1. The structure was build top-down unlike the other forts that are generally built bottom-up
  2. The fort holds a spot at the main entrance where when clapped can be heard at the highest point of the tower – a useful technology during war.
  3. They had advanced water ways built using clay and sand to provide water supply for the entire fort pumped using Persian water wheels
  4. Wall corners at Diwan-e-khas are structured such that any secret wispered at one corner can be heard at not only the King’s personal chamber but also other few select corners.
  5. Spots at Diwan-e-aam from where the king interacts with common public is structured in a manner that the king is (partially hidden by a wall) never fully visible to the public lest someone attempts to over throw the king. (Also the claps can be heard here.)
  6. What I loved about this place: It helped rekindle the curious child in me wanting to keep clapping at different locations to find out if the vibrations worked, wispering into walls trying to know if my friend could hear me at the other end.
  7. King’s chamber was located at the bottom most section of the fort unlike other forts where the king receives the high chambers.
  8. The fort up holds both Hindu & Muslim art and culture indicating the secular times in India.

img_2499-1What I loved about this place: It rekindled the child in me, making me want to clap at different points in the fort, whispering into walls, admiring the architecture, the temple and the mosques. (Yup the expression says it all 🙂 )

Travel Tip: Best time t0 visit is between Nov – Feb (pleasant climate) and begin between 15:30 – 18:00 hrs to enjoy a great climate, beautiful sunset and the beauty of the fort. Don’t miss the sound and light show.


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