Chicken pox attacks you in the most unexpected of times. As we prepare for the holidays, expectantly towards Christmas and new year I was attacked. Down with high temperature, terrible head ache, blisters and a naughty toddler.

Its living hell to be ill… chicken pox is also irritating.. and takes a lot of time in isolation for you to get cured,….!! Sigh..

Not being able to see Pogo has been a difficult task.. but to hear him ask about me while my mom makes some excuse is heart breaking..

One fine day, (after 10 days of isolation) it so happened that while I peeked from my isolation room, pogo caught a glimpse and cried his lungs out till I came out of the room – standing yet at safe distance.. he says Amma.. I love ooo with tears in his eyes.. as he rushes to hug me..

I had to comply and sit in the same room as pogo as he rushed from pillar to post trying to explain excitedly about the numerous things he has been doing for the many missing days… I nod as my tears roll down…

Lesson 101: love makes us weak.. and strong at the same time.. its annoying!


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