Dominant Wallet-fie

Well, I recently began practicing  the principle of not snatching anything from Pogo and letting him explore the world.. Its all part of the new year resolution package (that lasts as long as I remember what I was thinking – read nanoseconds)

Usually, a wallet has this transparent slot that allows you to place photographs in it.. I generally place some reminder stickers, notes and sometime photographs in that slot…

On new year’s eve, pogo had turned his attention to my wallet.. I had just thought up of the resolution and I was already dreading it.. In this age of demonetization, my heart gripped as he took hold of a twenty rupee note.. (Only those who survived in India, between Nov 2016 – unkown would understand this phase).. fortunately for me, he placed a crumpled note back in its slot and worked his way around credit cards, passport-sized photographs, bills and general trash (As I watched heart-in-mouth, pogo didn’t damage any item and replaced all items back to their original place… YIPPIE..!! patting myself for a great resolution..!!) Time for Happy dance..!!

The thing with toddlers is, they don’t give u enough time to actually do the happy dance.. by the time your brain conjures the occasion for a happy dance… they alter the situation..!

Pogo had by then moved to this transparent slot (where some place photographs etc..) I had visited the bank recently and had a couple of photographs of GK and me in that slot.. Pogo looked around and located a photograph of himself…

What happened next surprised me..! Pogo coolly removed the photographs from the slot and put in his.. admiring his handy work, he closed the wallet and moved on..

Lesson 101: You would never know when possessiveness takes over your little munchkin..


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