Dear Lord – Hi-Five

Parenting books/videos/blogs are all about tricks on how to make YOUR KID the next super kid.. That is exactly what every parent dreams of..!! (Well, at least when and if they get a few peaceful minutes to shut their eyes..!)

One of the many techniques they teach you is to keep appreciating the good work.. So the imbecile me gets down to work.. every time Pogo solves a puzzle or builds a building on his blocks or anything at all… I clap and give him a hi-five..! this brings a big smile on his face and mine too (looks like some of these techniques do work..!! Wow..!)

One evening as we were waiting at the doctor’s lobby.. while Pogo was busy running around the little waiting room, creating what he creates best (ans- a ruckus).. I slid low trying to play innocent to the staring eyes..! (Yup…! even when you are surrounded by your own kind – read the sleepless, exhausted, clumsy, still-learning-on-the-job co-mothers; – they look at you like you are an alien?!? – Really?? Am I the only one with a toddler who brings the roof down.. huff..!)

After a few (lllooooonnnggg and completely bogged down by the staring eyes) minutes, I finally rise and shine at the occasion. I drag a screaming Pogo off from the  receptionist’s desk and try to engage him with the small (read as half of Pogo’s toy trunk) collection of toys that I carried to the Pediatrician’s office. None of which interests Pogo now in this “Oh so (interestingly) bland” Pead’s office..!

As I look around, I find a artistic portrayal of Lord Ganesh (Hindu Elephant God) hanging on the wall at a far off corner. (Happy dance time – I can take pogo away from these accusing eyes and enjoy my mother-son waiting time alone..!!)

I take Pogo to the wall on which the image of Lord hung. (I had read many adventures of Lord Ganesh to Pogo during our bed-time stories, so I hoped that he would find this amazing). So I pointed to the ceramic portrayal and was about to deliver a small story when Pogo leapt off my hands towards the Lord and said “Mumma, elephant, Hi-Five” and coolly Hi-Five-ed Lord Ganesh..!

Dear Lord, what were you thinking, raising your palm to bless your devotees? Did you not realize that you could be misinterpreted?  Well, maybe Hi-Fives didn’t exist in the god era, but kids these day, they bring a whole to new perspective to every shade of life.

Parenting 101: Kids, the joy of life.


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