The Little Dictator

Pogo is 2.5 years old and has already figured the world. He has got both GK and me wrapped around his little finger. It is impossible to say no to this tiny little adorable, cute baby munchkin who says with a serious face “I say seeeth (sit)” Life has taken a whole new turn and its exciting.

Pogo’s tantrums are a little under control when he is around me (or I am in the delusion of such) but when GK is around, Pogo unleashes the monster.

One evening, as we were having our usual cup of evening coffee, (oh, the Tam-bhram cup of filter coffee just transforms you..!)  Pogo woke from his afternoon siesta and walked into the room. After our usual “Good morning Pogo” exchanges (Everytime pogo wakes, no matter what time of the day, we have to say good morning to him..SEE dictator genes..!) were done for the n-th time that evening, we continued to discuss the regular happenings of life.

Suddenly, Pogo realized that  we were already comfortably seated and enjoying our evening without his interference..! How dare we..!

So he stood up, walked upto Gk, wrapped his little fingers around GK’s hand and said “Come” (Can anyone resist this??!!) GK obediently stood up and followed him. Pogo, just directed Gk to another chair and said “Appa seeth (Sit)”.

GK walked over to the chair that Pogo had pointed out and was about to sit while Pogo screamed and then pointed to another chair and said “No appa, seeth ange(there)” Just to keep up Pogo’s good mood, Gk obliged and the game continued.

Just as GK would gesture to sit, Pogo would scream and point to another chair, and GK and Pogo played musical chairs like this for another 15 minutes as the coffee grew cold.

Parenting 101: A chip off the old block (me) and a dictator you don’t want to say no to.


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