The Mother-in-law Gene

Lets face it, our kid is made of a combination of both partners and their ancestors. Hence, they are bound to have CERTAIN characteristics (good and bad) in ample quantities.

The law of REVERSE LOVE states that “the probability of having the (bad) gene is higher with increasing hate for a particular trait” True, just think of everything you hate about your partner and be sure that your child will inherit every one of those traits.

My home is not spic and span on an everyday basis. I get that (Read Here). But once in a blue moon (read as when I can no longer stand the mess) I clear up as much as I can. This weekend on a Saturday afternoon, I decided that my kitchen needed to be re-organized. (What was I thinking.. a very active toddler, super humid Chennai and a just-begun weekend combination to clean up..! I have lost it and need urgent HELP)

So, like all (dim-witted, not-so-experienced) cleaners do, I first emptied all the contents of all the cupboards onto the floor. And I was running through each box to identify the ones I wished to retain and the ones I wished to scrap.

An hour later, lost yet determined, tired yet compelled to clear up; I was rampaging through the boxes (to get done asap). A cool Pogo cat-walked into the kitchen with his pet-pillow and eyes the mess with disgust as he points to the floor and says, “Amma, why so many boxes around my chocos, clear it up” (Of the 20 odd boxes lying scattered around, his focus was only on CHOCOS?? Guess who that gene is from x-( ). Flustered by this sudden unexpected outburst, I say “Huff, shoo from here” (in a fun tone)

Pogo runs to the other room, plays for a few minutes and returns. Now, he is upset that his mommy has still not rescued his CHOCOS box. (Priorities, Priorities..!! Huff). So again, in a serious tone, he questions my wit (really kiddo, let me tell you, if I had any, I wouldn’t…) Now, this was it, so in (searched for) my stern voice and said “Pogo let mummy clear this up, stop grumbling.”

What happened next shocked me. Pogo said “Huff, clean it up now” (imitating my earlier fun voice) and sat down monitoring me (kept saying “hey, finish, FIINISH” ) till I got the job done.

Parenting 101: When your Mother-in-law can’t monitor your every move, she makes sure she passes the right genes on. (oops!)


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