First Love

Love is a beautiful emotion. First love is more so. In general, it’s said that for every little girl, her dad is her first hero. If that is the case, it must be true that for every little boy, his mother is his first angel.

I realized how much Pogo adores me this morning. My work demands that I travel to various locations and to add to the woes, I contracted chicken pox recently (Read here). For almost a month I was away from my little munchkin.

After a long respite, I was getting dressed to get back to work and was putting in additional effort to look presentable. Pogo who was busy watching TV in the other room, had quietly walked into the room and stood beside me and said “Wow mummy, black dress.. choopur (super)” and hugged me.

For a minute there I was dumbstruck. (Being married to a non – compliment-er does that to you). The innocence, the love and the hug it all threw me off balance. Here was my son, excited that I looked pretty.

All these day, his smile was his only way of expressing his love for me. Now with new found words, he is expressing his love for me. I hugged him back and said “Thank you baby, I love you”

In response pogo said “I love oo too” and ran back to his TV shows. That is when I took up a new resolution, that I would always look presentable for my son, my love.

Parenting 101: Love strikes you in mysterious ways. It is best to oblige and enjoy the bliss.


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