Grandma’s little popsicle

It is the first and foremost job of every grandparent to spoil their grand children. I completely agree with this. But what surprises me is how kids lap up all the attention they get and enjoy every second of it. More so, they demand more like it.

One fine evening, pogo and I were playing when my mother had come to visit. It comes as no surprise that she would bring in a lot of goodies with her. But what did come as a surprise is how pogo reacted to it and after. Here goes.

Grandma says “Pogo darling, look what I have got for you”  and shows a covered hand. Excited, jumping and screaming, pogo rushes to her side and says “waath (What), waath waath grandma”. Smiling, grandma shows her cheek and says “A small peck on my cheek and you will know”

With so much adrenaline already pumping in his veins, pogo can no longer restrain himself and leaps to give grandma her rightful peck on the cheek. In return, pogo gets a sweet and delicious popsicle.

While pogo was busy licking his popsicle from everywhere on his hands, the ever-jealous-of-sharing-pogo’s-love mother (Yup, that’s me) called to him “Pogo darling, wouldn’t you give mamma a kiss on the cheek too” as I extended my cheek to him

“Huff” says pogo as he extends his free hand to me and says “give me a Popsicle”

Lesson 101: Learn to prioritize, when choosing between mother’s love and popsicle –  chose one that melts quickly.


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