Baby I’m Addicted

Women are God’s most beautiful creations. We come in different colors, different sizes, different shapes and yet are one of the most stunning and unconditionally beautiful creations. (I dare you to argue this). We have just one minor (really really minor) weakness, we are (big time) suckers for compliments.

My little prince charming has recently started giving me compliments -read here (Ahem Ahem Mr.husband, time to learn something..!!). As would any women, I soaked in the glory everyday and loved every minute of it. I would take special care to dress up and present myself before pogo every morning before leaving to office just to hear him compliment me.

But Alas! Good things don’t last long (or maybe my hubby’s genes are now beginning to dominate.. grrr..!!)

One morning, I was getting dressed for an important meeting and I took special care to look better (even I thought I was pretty..! which is rare). Now, I expected Pogo to jump up and be excited about this and was eager for my rightful bounty. (Hey, I am grooming a future boyfriend/husband – its a responsibility OKAY?)

Pogo was sitting in another room, busy trying to piece together a puzzle. (Well, hello my little genius). I ran upto him and said “Pogo..!” Still busy with his handiwork. (Hmmm..!! I am not giving up yet..) So I continued, “Well Pogo, amma is off to office, do u think I am dressed well” (See, I have even laid it out there for you baby). No reaction yet (anger raising.. 😦 )

I bent low so I could see his face and grab his attention as I said “Pogo baby, look at amma” (this is not to be considered desperation, I am teaching manners – you must see eye-to-eye while conversing). Response -“umm hummm” (Grr.. that was the last straw.) Now with my face lower, I fixed the rest of the puzzle quickly and looked upto him expectantly.

Blank face. (How do these genes come by? Darling husband, you were asked NOT to share these stupid genes..!!) Well, pogo baby, you are blessed with a determined mother. Now that his puzzle was resolved and he had nothing else to do but stare at his adamant mother, I nudged him further. Standing up, I did a little twirl dance and asked “pogo baby, how does mummy look”

Eureka! he finally understood why his puzzle was solved before his time. (Still blank face – uff those genes). Pogo said “Wow mymmy super, dress super.” (Celebratory dance time!) Got off the chair and went on to his next game with his back to me (just in case).

Parenting 101: You are grooming your child for the future, anything and everything you do is for the good of (wo)mankind (wink wink).


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