Can’t help falling in love

Funny thing about relationships is that whenever you would want to express love, you express anger. Fights with your partner about things that don’t matter are so very common.

One evening after a heated discussion, I was left sobbing on the bed while my husband stormed out. Hearing all the commotion, a tiny head peeped into the room where I was. Pogo, seeing me crying on the bed, walked in to me and said “Amma valiki va, (Does it hurt) Don’t cry” saying so, he took his delicate hands to wipe my tears off my cheeks. Planting a soft kiss on my cheeks, he looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

The delicate touch, the soothing words and the innocent look of worry etched across his little face. A moment I would behold forever in my memory. Now, you would expect me to wipe my tears off and become a strong bold women ready to face the world.! (The truly filmy/movie-ish finish to a sad moment)

Well, I am me and with me, life is always expectantly unexpected. By this time, lost in pogo’s love, I forgot what I was crying about in the first place. But I just couldn’t stop those damn tears. So I dragged pogo into a bear hug and wailed even more.!! The mother in me took-over and was at an emotional over drive for being loved so much by my baby bear….! (now pogo is preplexed.!) I couldn’t help falling in love with my baby munchkin who was trying to console me.

So, after a few nano seconds (read as loooong minutes) of me hugging pogo and crying, (while he desperately battled to away from my grip), I dropped to a snob, snort finish and loosened my grip on pogo.  Pogo, having learnt his lesson ran to the other room to return to the safety of his toys.

Lesson 101: Crying is like peeing, you just cant stop mid way. It’s your fault if you decided to butt in.


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