God loves contradictions. I guess its her favorite pass time – to create contradictions and enjoy watching wo/men struggle to maintain balance. God creates such adorable little dolls we call children and makes them so delicate and tender that we cannot puchi-poo them often. Every time I poochi-poo my little munchkin, I am worried I might crush my teddy bear. Huff..!!

Pogo (as with everything else) has learnt to utilize this paranoia effectively.  Now, pogo has recently learnt to voice his hurt. So everytime he hurts himself (which is every nano second) while playing, running, climbing and what not, he says “Ouch.!” and points to the area that hurts. (Extremely helpful when you finally understand what he is crying for..!)

Well, if you thought this is a good thing then you are new to parenthood. Anything and everything they learn is to make your life more entertaining for God.

One morning, I had accidentally left the main door open. (Yup, I know I am a careless idiot – my husband got me checked). The thing with kids is, when you make a mistake, they ensure that it becomes a “Terrible” mistake by adding fuel.

Pogo who had just got out of bed, realized his key to freedom (open door) was lying right there and decided to take a stroll. Exciting as it may be, to let your dishes burn whilst you run around the block trying to catch hold of your toddler who decided to take a stroll, I was already running late.

As soon as I caught pogo trying to leave the house, I rushed to him, caught hold of his arm (& let go as soon as I sat him down) and said in angry voice, “Pogo, no going out without mamma” (Okay, even in a hurry, I was conscious that my grip of pogo was not too rough _ my version)

But a teary eyed pogo said “Amma, ouch” and pointed to where I was holding. From then on, to the next few minutes, he went from person-to-person complaining how I hurt him while I got busted for leaving the door open. 😦 From my husband, to my mother; from my maid to my neighbor, pogo ratted out my little story to all and won their sympathies.

Parenting 101: Why oh Lord why..!  Who do these kids learn from?


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