Bitter or Better


I woke this morning to a beautiful message on the radio. “You can never fulfill anyone’s expectations no matter how hard you try” the speaker went on to say, “Because the moment you try to, their expectations grow higher” Marriages are like that.

Arranged marriages are a challenge. Add to it an accidental pregnancy within the first few months of marriage and all the pregnancy drama that comes with it (morning sickness. mood swings, swollen feet, and all). Further add a sick mother (whom you can’t visit at the hospital – b’cuz duhhh you are pregnant and susceptible to infections?!?)

GK and I are complete opposites in terms of our world views, habits, routine, food choices, bouts of romance (or the lack of) and pass times. (It’s a wonder we wound up together.) Parenting style (or what ever little we have of it are two mismatched pieces of a puzzle) So what makes the marriage tick?

Now, I can be modest and take all the praise for the wonderful life we lead (wink wink). But on a honest morning like today, I shall credit the person who strives everyday, night, noon and through to put up with me.

A good person at heart, GK takes the time to let me out-grow my mood swings (or acts stupefied because he has no clue what else to do). He puts up with my angry rantings, helps around the house and supports with my styled upbringing of pogo (because we all know its better..!).

I on the other hand, rant, scream, (sometimes) hit, cry (often) and pout about his style of being. But when I walk out the door and look back at my life, I love being part of it and there is just one man I can attribute it to wholly.

True, no one would ever fit your expectation of a perfect partner. But mine is pretty close.

Lesson 101: Many times bitter, but always (MY) better half.


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