Grain Train

What is it with mothers and food? My whole life seems to revolve around making dishes for pogo, trying to get him to eat (Read Here) and gobble up the remaining; only to start making new dishes over again.!

SIGH…!! If you thought labor was a pain in $***$ wait till you see the disapproving nod of your toddler, it will hurt beyond words and you cant even scream at him (the nod is so devastatingly powerful – Sob).

So, I took the advise of another (very smart) mother who said “The best way to make toddlers eat, is to hand them the food choices and act like it doesn’t bother you that they don’t eat”  Okay, I admit that I am no sucker for Reverse Psychology or anything but hey, after gobbing up enough of pogo’s sweetened, salt-less mashed and steamed food; I thought why the heck not!

Early Sunday morning, waking with with new found zeal, I hurry to make (what I think are) Pogo’s 3 favorite dishes. (what is it with #3  dishes? seems to have some special significance in my life?). After making Pancakes, Paniaram (South Indian Savory Dish) and Vada (South Indian Savory Dish). I silently walk into (even Ethan Hunt would be proud..!) pogo’s room while balancing the three dishes as he was busy with his toys.

Silently placing the dishes near pogo, I run out like my life depends on it…!! (I have no idea why this was important, need to consult my friend) Again, without making noise..! (Achievement.. Achievement…) Now was the time to practice what my friend thought me.! To ignore Pogo.

I peeped (Well, I was born with an inquisitive gene – blame my parents for it) into the room eager to see if the trick worked.  (More so to seek the ever-denied approval from Anton Ego himself). And what I saw reaffirmed my belief.

A gleeful pogo held up to me a piece of pancake in his tiny hands (Happy dance time…!! as always..Nope!) A hooting toy trained carried the rest of his breakfast around the room chugging along were the crumbs…! SIGH..!

Parenting 101: When a mother is smart, her kid is born smarter and then there is always a nanana.


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