It is that time of your life when your paranoia reaches epic proportions. Your heart is competing with Micheal Shumacher on the race track, eyes are palpitating, hands are twitching and you are all sweaty. Its time for SCHOOL ADMISSIONS..!

(The South Indian Tam Bhram community’s affinity to) Education in India is absolutely a mad hatter’s tea party..! Everyone has an opinion and your are distraught. The reputed schools are far and few and the decision would change the life of your little one forever. No matter how cold a parent plays to the ADmission MADness around, everyone covets for an admission into the A-Grad Schools.

Pogo is 2.8 years old (Catch them young – I guess) and we too have taken a plunge into this (would-it-ever-end) rat race. Waking up at 3:30 am (Wow- I did not know this time existed in this world) sitting in front of the system, eager to be an early bird (If only I had taken so much effort for other aspects of life) and yet be 135th applicant..! (see- THAT is why I didn’t take the effort..!). Having downloaded the form, we then rush to the school to hand over the physical application (reaching late as usual – gosh the traffic…!). Only to learn it wasn’t the traffic at all, it was parents flocking the school gate trying to get their applications in. (Really??)

All the worldly wisdom (or whats left of) tells you its stupidity to venture forward. “Its all for POGO”, you force yourself to go on. Pushing, pulling, half-distraught, your robes stewn across your disfigured body  while your outstretched arms try to reach the application counter. Finally handing over the documents.! Sigh.

At nights, I now dream of being away unable to collect the post indicating his interview time. I event dream of the letter getting missed..! Does the nightmare ever end?

If this is a part & parcel of parenting… What have we gotten into?


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