The First Project

Pogo has been going to a small play school at the end of our apartment complex for the last one year and he has got his first assignment.Almost a decade since MY last project, I sit down with a project in hand. Oh the joys of parenting..! (Yaawwnnn..!)

We are assigned “Parts of the Body” and upon completion, Pogo would have to identify the parts of the body.

As always, we missed the week long time that the school gave us (hanging my head in guilt as I feel the disapproving nod of the Perfect Moms). As the student snored away (thankfully), we ended up burning the mid night oil (we here refers to me-mostly and GK who joined towards the end to click pictures and keep me from sleeping). Armed with chart paper, crayons (or what Pogo has left behind) and scissors; snippets of paper strewn across the room as I snip-snap away to doing the project. IMG_0362.JPG

Though it looks weird (yes.. that’s a face.. No its not mine..!!), the project actually enables the child to remove the parts of the face (eyes, mouth, ears, hair – and hands-ya I know its not part of face – its the only other part I could draw) and re-attach them as a form of identification. (we used velcro to do that).

Most fun aspects of doing the project (well past midnight) was not that it rekindled the creativity (Don’t you judge me.. lets see you draw a straight line first) in me. It was how I was more focused on the little fishes on the boy’s underpants (sleep deprivation I guess), laughing about running out of ink and how my husband (who cant seal an envelope) was encouraging me to do better while struggling to keep his eyes open.

When we were done, we were laughing and throwing the small rolls of paper on each other till we were absolutely exhausted and ended up sleeping amidst the dump.

Parenting 101: Guess school projects (even average ones) are good bonding exercises too..


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