The Prep Work

Oh thank the lord..! We got an interview call letter..! (I didn’t screw up.. happy dance time…!!) And then slowly the shock sets in, by interviewing Pogo, I as a parent would be put under the societal microscope for dissection.

As always, with shock comes panic and with panic comes the urgent need to do-something-about-it.

So, beating myself up for falling for the rat-race, I drag Pogo off his usual dose of TV and sit him down to prep him for the interview. Lets do a stock check –

  1. Pogo knows a couple of rhymes.. (flashback of all those tiresome nights when I lay exhausted while Pogo recalled every single damn rhyme he has ever heard…!! every damn single night..!!)
  2. Pogo knows his colors (yes, riding across the street whilst your toddler drags your handle bar across to show you a red car at the other end of the street is highly engaging)
  3. Pogo knows his shapes
  4. Pogo is extremely friendly (Yup, says the random woman I met at the local kirana store who was so sure of pogo’s school schedule – Is it time to be paranoid)

Growing up, we had this simple Q&A exercise, wherein changing one word of the question would give your answer (Example – Who was ABC’s best friend? Ans- Pogo was ABC’s best friend.) So I decide to prep Pogo with general questions that the school may throw at him.

Pogo completely lacks interest in this session. (Dude.. 15 years later when you are proud of your alma matter, I shall throw this evening up at you..!) Desperate to run away to his next toy, Pogo reluctantly responds to my questions.

Pogo baby, “What is your name” he says “Pogo.” (Mono syllable answers are fine with me. As long as I can get the response.) Pogo has caught on to the key word – name. Now, every other word I said to him and all the shenanigans that I did to garner his attention was lost.  Pogo baby “What is your mother’s name” I say with fingers pointed at me. “pogo” he say. Noooo my love, I am asking for mumma’s name. Mummy’s name is “Manasi” Now tell me again, what is mumma’s name. “Straight faced, he says “Pogo”.

Exhausted after 7 attempts to register my name in his little head, and failing, I let go. (maybe I should change my name to Pogo and say he is Pogo Jr – Always the easy way out huh..!)

Parenting 101: Exams have begun..! AGAIN..!



2 thoughts on “The Prep Work

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