Child Safety

Dear Mother-to-be, if anyone every told you that motherhood is about love and nurturing and happiness then understand that its (mostly) humbug. You would hardly have time for all this when your world is filled with Paranoia..!

With the recent stories on (every god-forsaken) news channel and new-age cinema about child abuse, the next set of paranoia sets in. (As if we don’t have enough things to worry about..! Like, Pogo, get off the kitchen counter and away from the burner..!! and I mean NOW..! and No, that does not mean u play with the knife..! enough.. Oh.. and beware of child abuse..! )

So, the good mother in me (who wakes whenever I read such horrible news) goes on to teach Pogo about personal space (as if he needs it, he hardly lets me touch him.. but alas). So, I tell him that (in spite of the amazingly humid Chennai weather) he has to always wear clothes to cover his body. That no one should see him in his underpants nor should anyone see him naked. I spent the whole week drilling these safety aspects into his head.

Over the weekend, we go to a friend’s home for a get-together. As always, a TV is playing in the room whilst we chat about things under the sky. (and once again, the world conspires against me). We were hardly paying attention to the TV (then turn the damn thing off..!) while many (many many more) useless commercials were playing on TV. Suddenly there comes a unisex lingerie ad.

Unnoticed, Pogo had been watching the ads and loudly proclaims “Mamma, uncle & aunty (lingerie ad artists) have forgotten their clothes while coming on TV” runs around the room singing “Shame Shame puppy shame all the donkeys know your name”

Proud that he has learnt his safety guidelines and embarrassed enough to hope that he stops with the singing and forgets the ad. I run into the kitchen away from his singing.

PARENTING 101: There is so much more to the “Don’t let your child have screen time” advise.


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