Doctor’s in the house – Ouch

Pogo has never really reacted to a doctor’s clinic. He neither loves it nor hates it, he hardly cares if we scare him with the usual “If you don’t finish up your breakfast mister, the doctor is gonna give you a huge injection.” Pogo was gifted a doctors kit recently.  We also recently got Pogo vaccinated. (Two separate – seemingly unrelated events that changed my bum..! ouch)

This time, our loving nurse decided that the vaccine would be administered to Pogo’s tooshie. And what a wail he let out! Pogo has never winced this much for any of his previous vaccines. Consoling him, I said “Pogo baby please don’t cry, these injections make your stronger” As his wail subsided into small sobs, we went back home. We were worried and spent the night applying balm and ice packs to his now red tooshie.

A week later, as routine would have it, I was busy making dinner. Suddenly, Dr. Pogo, a Stethoscope around his neck and injection in hand, runs to me yelling “Mummy stronger, mummy stronger” and jams a plastic injection into my tooshie. OUCH…!!

Parenting 101: Age does not weaken you, kids do. Ouch Ouch Ouch.


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