Driving Instructor

Weekends are truly more exhausting than weekdays. What with having two kids at home (Read here), trying to de-clutter my home before the big move (we are relocating again.. sob..sniff..) and routine work to add to the chaos.

In the evening, to over come the exhaustion, we decided to go for a fun drive along the highway. Pogo was buckled into the front seat with his father, and grandmother comfortably settled in the back seat. Before reaching the highway however, we had to drive down a few kilometers. As you are aware, Chennai roads offer more roller-coaster rides than any theme park in the world.

So, as we were bumping our way to the highway, my driving instructor say “Oh Ho mummy, Careful..!” Shocked at the sudden outburst from the front seat, I say “Pogo baby, the roads are bumpy, mummy’s driving fine.” In response, pogo said “Oh mummy, drive carefully, I am bumpy”  as my co-passengers smirked at my inability to say anything. (Grr… Dude.. seriously, its not my fault..!!)

As we were about to turn at the corner, Pogo said, “Oh mummy, we have to go right” (Ahem, baby, the highway is on our left). I turned left anyway. And out came the monstrous  roar, “Mommy, I say right..! no left..” said Pogo angrily.

Sigh! from then on, I was only a pawn, whilst my driving instructor showed me the way as I drove across the town.

Parenting 101: When you are a parent, you are a pawn even in your dreams.


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