A New Beginning (Part 2)

Zipping past rush hour traffic, we manage to squeeze into a tight parking lot.  Getting off a feet away from the temple. 

Paaath.. Breaking the coconut to ward off any evil lined up against his prosperity,  we pray that Pogo be blessed with knowledge and intellect to prosper in live. 

Running back to the car,  we realised that Pogo had stained his new white t-shirt with kumkum.. (what was I thinking, seriously…!) I was rampaging through the bag looking for a spare T-shirt (oh..  So here is the ticket,  oh and my brush..  Damn here is the orientation card..  But where the hell is a t shirt) while GK rode through the morning traffic. 

Alas, we were destined to walk into the first day of school in stained T-shirt. 

Pogo was allocated the same room that he was interviewed at. Bless my stars, now we would have to find out if he would enter (read here). 

He did.  More so,  Pogo was one of the few who didn’t cry; answered questions that (future best) buddies and teachers asked. He also was playing with the toys left around for children to settle in.  

All in all, the best half hour of the six hour struggle. (Happy dance time…!) 

In parenting, however,  there is one thing you must never forget- most happy times are short-lived and are followed by (ear-scrreching) tantrums. 

Now,  who would have guessed that Pogo would refuse to walk out of school.  

Parenting 101: tantrums die down but pride lives on. My little munchkin has started school. 


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