For about a fortnight since school, Pogo has begun to show interest in colouring, which is good because now we can carry around just that one item when we go out to keep him engaged.  (which of course doesn’t work..!  Outside has so much more fun to offer than paper and colors..!) 

As a responsible, loving,  over-excited mother, I did the most obvious thing..  I guided him (oh..  The illusions of motherhood..!!)  on how to color better.(like he needs it..) 

So in order to encourage the ever-enthusiastic mother,  Pogo handed over a crayon to me and asked me to fill in.  (or so I thought) As I just about finished colouring a section,  I stopped to admire my handy work and asked Pogo “Pogo how is amma’s coloring? ” 

Then began the screams and accusations. Pogo had only meant for me to hold the crayon whilst he color.  Now,  the sheet was etched with my handy work and he disliked it. 

Even today,  almost a week or so since,  Pogo rushes to show his coloring book to every visitor (if lucky,  you would even get a larger than life version of how I snatched-“I didn’t”.. the crayon to commit the hedious crime) to narrate the tale of his guilty mother. 

Parenting 101: baby talk is no excuse for stupid actions..! 


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