Gender Bias

Nuclear families are a rage these days. And with nuclear families, comes smaller apartment homes and shared utility spaces. Now, this is all to theoretical for a toddler right? Theoretical or not, best to explain these dynamics to your little too loud for parent’s own good  munchkin before taking him out.

Yesterday, we had decided to go to the movies. Pogo was an absolute darling and slept through the entire movie, allowing us three complete hours to enjoy the (good) movie. Waking up, (just as the credits were rolling up) Pogo had an urgent need to go.

As we were rushing to the little boys room, I asked GK to assist Pogo whilst I waited for them outside. Coming out, Pogo had a long drawn face, too upset to say anything. Cajoling him, I asked, “What happened Pogo baby? why the long face?” (Garnering all his innocence and putting up the puppy dog eyes,) Pogo says “mummy, why didn’t you come to the loo?”

Suppressing a giggle, I explain to him that the room he visited was exclusively for boys and girls have their own special room.  Unable to control his pain any further, Pogo burst out “But why? we share a room at home?” ((Good lord, who teaches these kids logic??)) As i continued to explain, “Pogo baby, mommy is a girl while you are a boy so, we each have our special rooms?”

Unsatisfied with my numerous responses, Pogo continued to ask “but why?” till we reach home away from the curious eyes of on lookers.

Parenting 101: Even in the toddler world, gender bias is unacceptable. Oops..!!


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