Faux Pas

An unforeseen bond exists between the grandchild and the grandparents. They share the best laughs,  the best moments and the best of life together. 

Last week,  Pogo’s Nana decided to have a sisters-day-out. So, she had been away for whole two days. Pogo had never experienced his Nana being away for so long and was beginning to miss her.  

So when we had gone to my aunt’s home to pick Nana..  Pogo was super excited.

In the living room,  Nana  and her two sisters sat, waiting for us..  As soon as we stepped on the breaks of our car,  the door leapt open and Pogo ran into the house crying “Nana, Nana,  let’s go home.”

Happy to see two more shrivelled,  huggable, cuddly nanas there..  Pogo’s excitement knew no bounds. Whilst he kept bouncing from one cuddly Kissy encounter to the next,  the ever-responsible mother (Me of course) Reminded him that it was time to leave. 

In his excitement and still dizzy from all the hugs,  Pogo grabbed the first bony hand reachable to the car.  On reaching,  Pogo was shocked at the faux paid,  he had grabbed the wrong Nana. 


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