Just say it

Pogo has speech delay (thanks to nuclear families, a motherhood-illiterate me and TV). He is just learning to articulate a few things to us and it’s a whole new game.  

A friend (also a professional speech therapist) recommend that we await a response from Pogo before we fulfil his need.  

Taking the advise to heart,  the over-enthusiast, eager-to-set-it-right parents (i.e us)  began our journey.  Everytime Pogo requested for something by pointing to it,  we would add “oh Pogo baby,  you want water,  yes or no? ” whilst nodding to add the visual communication tools.  

Annoyed.  Frustrated. Angry.  Irritated.  Pogo had had his way for so long and now his wierd tall at-bid assistants (in earth lingo these assistants are called parents) we’re asking him too many questions.

One fine evening,  Pogo wanted some snack. As he kept pointing to his favorite snack with a hungry and cute face,  I was stone-hearted enough to ask “is this what you want baby?  Say yes or no? ” As I repeated,  hunger and anger had tipped over Pogo’s little head and in an angry voice he said “Yes or No”. 

Stunned by the sudden outburst and the absurdity of it, I (idiotic as ever) said “no baby, you must say either yes or no”. Still missing his snack and angry,  Pogo repeated in a rather loud voice “hmm,  yes or now” and sternly pointed at his snack.  

Unable to control myself any longer,  I handed over his rightful snack to him “yes or no” style..! 

Parenting 101: Anger gets the better of us,. Just say it,  yes or no?  


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