We have just purchased a new car and with a new car comes the inadvertent fear of making a dent..!  There is nothing that would scare a new car owner than a dent.  

Our parking space has a few pillars and requires expertise to skillfully park the car.  I currently fall under the aspiring-to-become-expert category so I pale everytime I have to park our car.  Fortunately,  GK assists (screams with the you’re-going-to-dent look)  with the parking.  

One evening,  Pogo and I went out for a play-date and we found ourselves at our mercy whilst parking.  

After quite some struggle and panic attacks later,  I successfully parked the car.  As I pulled to a stop my beaming co-passenger says “wow mom,  you did it…! hurrah..! ” 

Beaming back at my wonderful son who understood my pain and waited for me to succeed to share my joy.., I couldn’t resist the urge to treat him and off we walked to the nearest ice cream parlor..! 

Parenting 101: Compliments always bring cheer..! 


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