Drama King 

Children always spice up our lives.  Be it their shenanigans or cute actions,  they command an audience like none other for just being themselves.   

Pogo has recently (only for the last 3 years..) discovered that we have (an acute, incurrable) weakness for him.  

SECENE 1: Everytime we get cross with Pogo over one-too-many of his never ending adventures, he crosses his arms over his chest,  closes his eyes, and with his  face turned away from us, says “I am so sad..  Mommy is angry with me.”

SCENE 2: pogo’s meal time tantrums are legendary, add to it the spice of drama.  My life is absolutely funtastic.! 

As a morsel moves towards pogo’s mouth, he shuts his mouth with his hands and says “momma I am hurt.  I can’t eat” Worried that he bit himself or is really hurt, AI ask him were are you hurt?  My little show-stopper then scans his body from head to toe to locate (and really re-scans until he locates)  some long forgotten wound..!!  Huff..  Feeding kids..!  

SCENE 3: Since Pogo joined school,  he has improved a lot in terms of his communication and his temper tantrums. All this has been replaced with some thing more fun.  DRAMA..!! 

When you ask Pogo a simple question.  His response now is to place his pointing finger on his cheek,  say “hmm..  Think think think” (wait till you finish figetting and wait some more) and then respond…!! May the Lord give me patience..!!  

Now,  we have been regular spectators of his drama and just giggle (behind his back whilst showcasing an angry face). 


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