Pogo is in that phase where it has become necessary for him to share his things. So,  I often tell him that sharing is essential and is good.  

Once, while playing with our neighbors’ kid,  Pogo was asked to share his bicycle. His favorite toy in the whole wide world.  Yet,  giving in to our pressure (suggestions and stares and glares),  he let the other kid get on to the bicycle and ride for a few minutes. 

In the mean time,  he ransacked his toy box and brought an old miniature car and bicycle toy.  Rushing into the living room,  he thrust the toy into the kids hand saying “Take it,  let’s share” 

As soon as the other kid held the toys,  Pogo snatched his bicycle and rode it inside,  saying “sharing is a good habit, see I gave toys. ” whilst the other kids stayed back crying for another bicycle ride.  

Parenting 101: lessons can always boomerang. 


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