Gone are the days when Pogo threw a tantrum when we left for office. Our usual routine is to inform Pogo about our departure, brace ourseves for a tantrum, seek an opening and rush out.

One morning, Gk was ready to leave for office. He had just informed Pogo that he was ready to leave.

Pogo coolly looked up from his work, said, “please wait appa. ” and walked into the other room. Not sure if he should make a run for the door or actually wait, Gk stood rooted.

Pogo walked in holding a pen, handed it over to Gk and said, “Happy working appa, you need pen for

office.”We were stunned and moved by his guesture.

Sometimes, kids grow up even before we realise that they have. Pogo’s guesture made our day.

Parenting 101: small things go a long way.


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