Musical Chairs

This weekend, Pogo had a play date with his classmates at baby D’s. All weekend, we laughed and jumped in anticipation.

On the D-day, as we reached our destination.. Pogo ran to baby D’s mother and handed over a bag of apples. (buttering up for a great evening…!)

He ran into the home and played with the kids. One of the many games that was organized was musical chairs.

We taught the kids the rule of the game – to run around the chairs while the music played and sit down once the music stopped.

We began. Music played and all mothers encouraged their child to run around the chairs. After the music stopped, Pogo was lost in the game and was still running the laps.

So, I excitedly encouraged him saying “Pogo, come on, find a seat and sit down” Encouraged by the new instructions, Pogo took a leap towards the nearest sofa and settled comfortably onto the cushions…!

Parenting 101: Instructions maybe followed but outcome not guaranteed..!!


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