Wandering Eyes

SIGH..! Long gone are the days when I was the sole beauty of his eyes. Now, all I have is an ocean of love and a basket full of trinkets that I lovingly touch as I sigh in memory of basking in his love.

Nah, I am not talking about the hubby here, its all about Pogo. Little boys grow into little men very fast. Not too long ago, Pogo ran to a trinket shop in his little shoes trying to buy a beautiful necklace for his one and only mum. (Read here).

But on this heart-breaking day, whilst visiting a carnival, Pogo ran towards another trinket shop. (Filled with love and excitement), GK and I followed Pogo into the trinket shop. (With an unexplained glee sparkling in my eye), I looked around to add to my love basket.

At the most expensive section, stood Pogo. As we approached, we noticed that Pogo had picked quiet a few necklaces and placed them in the basket. When asked, pat came an exuberant response. “these necklaces are for my friends, Dee, Ann, Ani, and..” and as he went, my little heart plummeted into the deep world of sorrow. (Shamelessly grappling to my diminishing hope) I asked, “Which one have you chosen for mom, my baby?” He blinked. Picked a random one from the rack and handed it over to me saying, you can pick any mummy. Sigh..! My little boy was so grown up that he began to decide gifts for other gals…!! Sob Sob Sob..!!

Parenting 101: Bask while the sun shines.!


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