POW: Pogo’s Own Corner

Pogos corner.jpg

Having his own corner helps getting Pogo accustomed to a new home.


A New Beginning (Part 1)

Motherhood is an adventurous journey of many firsts. Today was Pogo’s first day of school. If you are an Indian parent (especially a study-crazy south Indian parent with a your-life-depends-on-good-education attitude, who would re-locate not just 20Kms but across the world for pre-school admissions – read here) then you would understand the significance of this milestone.

It seemed like any normal day would, bright sun shine seeping through the gaps in the curtain of our new bed room whilst we sleep on our cosy bed amidst a  few unopened cartons. Tring-Tring rang the alarm at half-past-six, I didn’t need it. I had hardly slept the night before. Pogo was officially beginning school in just a few hours. All I could do was think of the little bundle, wrapped in white placed before me. I didn’t even know his gender when he was born (read here) and here he is, all grown up and ready to start school (pre-school actually, but I feel like I am sending him off to some distant college). My mind was running through all the cute little shenanigans we experienced in the last 3 years. My mind constantly refuses to acknowledge that my little munchkin is all grown up. (Sob-sniff)

Pogo is in deep slumber, his soft snores seem adorable. With a heavy heart, I wake him and rush him to the potty. (Yup, diapers are banned in the school now). After a hurricane like rush through all things we need to carry, whilst getting Pogo bathed, dressed and fed. (read here) all of which is a task by itself.

Screaming at my currently docile hubby and my mother (dare someone to stand up against the mom-ster during the early morning rush hour), we carry everything we find might need to our car while dragging a not-so-interested Pogo; we rush to the nearest temple. (No beginning is complete without offering a coconut to Lord Ganesh.)

…to be continued.

Parenting 101: Screaming mothers are a natural sight – As a child, I was determined to grow up to be like the mothers from TV commercials, perpetually happy and never yelling – but God had “”screaming”” as a mandatory requirement on the Motherhood Job  Description and who can compete with that.




After a year since we moved in, we just kind-of settled in our home; what with kicking out unwanted visitors (read here), getting things in place and trying to get my toddler to settle down (he still hasn’t). Life however, has different plans for us. Pogo has been accepted into one of the most prestigious schools in Chennai, about 20 Kms from where I live..! (Read Here) Not that I am complaining, I would turn the world over to get admissions here, but the thought of moving and living out of carton boxes is giving me nightmares.

Life for the last few days has been hectic. Shifting home is a humongous task,add to it a toddler and a yet-to-grow-up helpful husband and an ailing mother. I must however credit my duty bound husband who spent every free minute of the last three months hunting for our perfect new home.

Now that we are here at our new home and have begun to unpack; (most items which we either do not need or are too lazy blind tech-impaired oblivious to its existence) we are rebuilding a new home – our home.

A new chapter in the making. Lets wait and watch as the exciting new life awaits us all.


Driving Instructor

Weekends are truly more exhausting than weekdays. What with having two kids at home (Read here), trying to de-clutter my home before the big move (we are relocating again.. sob..sniff..) and routine work to add to the chaos.

In the evening, to over come the exhaustion, we decided to go for a fun drive along the highway. Pogo was buckled into the front seat with his father, and grandmother comfortably settled in the back seat. Before reaching the highway however, we had to drive down a few kilometers. As you are aware, Chennai roads offer more roller-coaster rides than any theme park in the world.

So, as we were bumping our way to the highway, my driving instructor say “Oh Ho mummy, Careful..!” Shocked at the sudden outburst from the front seat, I say “Pogo baby, the roads are bumpy, mummy’s driving fine.” In response, pogo said “Oh mummy, drive carefully, I am bumpy”  as my co-passengers smirked at my inability to say anything. (Grr… Dude.. seriously, its not my fault..!!)

As we were about to turn at the corner, Pogo said, “Oh mummy, we have to go right” (Ahem, baby, the highway is on our left). I turned left anyway. And out came the monstrous  roar, “Mommy, I say right..! no left..” said Pogo angrily.

Sigh! from then on, I was only a pawn, whilst my driving instructor showed me the way as I drove across the town.

Parenting 101: When you are a parent, you are a pawn even in your dreams.